Dogs love to be massaged, just like people. So if you want to pamper your pet at home, it doesn’t hurt to know dog massage pressure points. In this article, I have collected some dog massage techniques that can also be used at home, and I will also tell you what to pay attention to in order to massage your dog safely!

Dog massage techniques are basically similar to human massage, but it is very important to be extremely careful, as you are not performing the massage as a professional dog masseuse. At first, apply gentler, weaker pressure and if you find that the dog feels comfortable during the massage, you can slowly increase the strength. With dogs, you have to be extra careful not to put pressure on their spine and thin bones. Apply pressure only on the muscles and, in the case of the head, on the skull bone, gently on the latter! In summary, it’s better to start with stroking, and don’t treat your pet with stronger movements when applying gentle pressure! Now let’s see which are the pressure points that they enjoy the most!

Dog head massage

The head and neck massage has a stress-relieving effect and relieves physical tension in dogs as well, if we relax the circulation of the skin and muscles of the head and neck.

You can perform the head massage with your palm or thumb. Stroke all the way from the bridge of the nose to the top of the head at a steady pace. Then the earpiece can follow. Many people know that dogs love to be stroked and scratched at the base of their ears, because it is more difficult for them to reach this area. Massage the roots of the ears in circular motions, then take the auricles in your hands and gently press and pull them.

Dog Thai Massage

Do dogs like neck massage?

Of course, dogs also love neck massages! Dogs’ necks can also stiffen like ours. You can see this in your pet if the dog turns its whole body when it suddenly starts paying attention to something. You can relax the stiff area by massaging the muscles on the back of the neck. However, pay close attention and I can’t stress enough to be careful not to cause him pain. If you find that the dog is not comfortable stroking and massaging this muscle, then stop the treatment and find him or take him to a veterinarian.

Paw massage for dogs

A professional foot massage can protect your dog from many musculoskeletal problems. For example, paw massage is also good for joint problems, muscle fever and stiffness. A hearty walk before and after dog fitness training will suit your pet. What you should pay attention to is that you should be even more careful after exercise, because in this case the dog’s legs may become stiff and a stronger massage may cause him pain.

Dog Swedish Massage

Lay the dog down and hold its feet in the palm of your hand, then massage it with gentle, twisting movements moving downwards towards the paws. Never affect the bones, only massage the muscles! You can also massage your thighs from top to bottom, smoothing them with your palm.

It is important that both of you are calm during the dog massage. Your pet will relax under your hands in no time. If you pay attention to it, you will feel the movement and pressure that suits it. However, if your dog suffers from any kind of illness or is older, it is better to entrust the massage to a professional dog masseuse. Health is the most important thing, so I advise you to try dog ​​massage yourself only if you have a healthy dog!

Dog massage at home is not a complete substitute for a professional dog massage. If you would like me to give your dog a professional massage in Saint Augustine, feel free to contact me and book an appointment: (904) 377 6291

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