As an owner, you have probably already seen your dog eating grass when you walked in the nearby park or even in the garden. Many people wonder when the dog eats grass, whether this is considered strange behavior and why the dog does this. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about whether there is a reason to worry and how you can wean dogs off eating grass.

Why do dogs eat grass?

IIn truth, it can be considered normal for dogs to eat grass for a number of reasons. So, right at the beginning, I would like to reassure you that you don’t have to immediately think bad if your dog grazes with as much pleasure as a baby cow. Now let’s look at the reasons why it is normal for a dog to eat grass!

Dogs like grass

We think of dogs as carnivores, and yes, they primarily eat meat, but it is also quite normal for them to eat plants as well. In general, it occurs more often when the grass is fresh, since then the taste and texture are better.

The dog is bored

You can also draw attention to little physical activity. Dogs often start chewing the furniture in the apartment out of boredom, perhaps digging in the garden or eating grass. If it becomes a frequent phenomenon that the dog starts to graze, then it is worth rethinking its daily routine! Have you walked enough to satisfy the dog’s need for exercise, and does he play as much as he needs mentally?

If boredom could be the root cause, then try new walking routes and games! Maybe go to the community, to a dog playground, or in this case the Dog Fitness treatment can also be useful for him.

Dog Fitness

Chewing is good!

It is more common in puppies, but adult dogs also like to chew something. Softer toys are handled easily, we can even say that they are destroyed in seconds. If this is the case, then review his toys and expand the selection with chewable pieces. He will be grateful for it and eat grass less often.

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Why do dogs eat grass when sick and vomit?

Many people think that their dog eats grass because it is sick and they want to soothe or even clean their stomach. However, this belief is wrong, which was proven during a research. They examined the cases of 1,500 dogs that ate grass, but less than one in 10 dogs showed health problems. The survey was conducted in 2008 and if you are interested in details, you can view it at this link. Of course, I don’t want to say that eating grass can never indicate illness, only in very rare cases does it happen that dogs eat grass because their stomach hurts.

Should dogs eat grass?

Grass is actually a very good source of fiber. For this reason, there is also an opinion that dogs eat grass in order to consume more fiber. There may be something in this, because a meal with a higher fiber content will certainly be good for the dog, which is worth paying attention to. One-sided nutrition is not good for anyone, so it is worth switching to a high-fiber pet diet if this suspicion is confirmed.

This also includes the fact that it also helps dogs eliminate parasites when they eat grass. The grass helps to clean their intestines, thereby helping them to get rid of the parasites hiding in their intestines. The grass surrounds the parasites and removes them as they leave the digestive system, giving the dog relief. This is also why you should pay attention to the fact that the dog food has a high fiber content. Grass eating is less common in dogs that receive food with a high fiber content from their owners.

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Should we forbid the dog from eating grass?

Basically, not if you know the area and the grass is not chemically treated. However, if you are walking and in a strange place, you should be careful there, because eating the grass can cause problems if it has been sprayed with herbicide or fertilizer. In addition, there may be poisonous flowers in the grass. If you don’t have a garden and you do it while walking, it might be worth getting rid of it with the high-fiber meal mentioned above.

When do you seek veterinary help if dogs eat grass to make them vomit?

When dogs eat grass and vomit, be sure to take him to the vet. Probably not because do dogs eat grass to throw up, but for something else. The vet will help you find out what’s wrong. However, if it only happens occasionally that dogs eat grass and throw up, it could also be because they find it difficult to swallow the long blades of grass and it irritates them, so they start gagging and then vomit. In such cases, it may also happen that they simply continue.

If dogs eat grass after vomiting, is it still worth observing whether they ate grass before?

It is also worth visiting the vet if your dog is more tired than usual, eats too much grass, but does not want to eat its food. If you are sick or vomiting a lot. As dog owners, it is our responsibility to pay attention to them and, if necessary, put them on a diet, but only do this according to medical instructions!

If your dog’s eating grass was only caused by boredom or a lack of something to munch on, you can easily wean it off with a suitable reward and a dog massage.

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Roughly, these things can be behind it if the question arises in your mind: Why do dogs eat grass on walks? or Why do dogs eat grass then throw up? The main thing is not to be scared, but to pay more attention to this habit of your dog and it may quickly become clear that he is bored, wants to chew something or that there really is some health problem in the background. If you are unsure, you should definitely take him to the doctor so that you can find the cause and both of you can relax with your pet!

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