Clumping fur not only gives dogs an unassuming appearance, but unfortunately also provides a great hiding place for all kinds of pathogens and parasites. So it is not just an optical tuning, but also an important health-preserving activity. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog grooming brush you use, because if you choose well, your pet will also be part of a pleasant dog massage. In this article, we show you a super effective solution for hair problems, so read on!

Why should the dog’s hair be combed?

Regular dog hair combing is very important in several ways. Primarily because it helps to remove dead hairs from the coat. This way, your dog will not only look much better, which will make you a much cooler owner among your friends, but it will also feel better in its skin. 

From now on, you can get rid of a lot of dog hair that covers the apartment. It is very important that the fur is always free of tangles and knots, because this is the only way to guarantee that pathogens do not multiply in the fur, which can cause various skin problems.

While you are combing the fur, you can more easily look through the fur to find bugs and fleas that you may have picked up while walking.

While you are taking care of your puppy, take a look at his ears to see if they are clean enough and it is worth checking the area around his eyes as well. Combing is also a great opportunity to find minor injuries and wounds. If you notice any injuries that seem dangerous, go to a veterinarian to clarify the matter.

I can say from experience that regularly combed dogs are also much happier. After all, the owner deals with them regularly, cares for them, and touch is very important for dogs as well. As I wrote above, gentle combing can be equivalent to a pleasant dog massage for them. Of course, this requires that you brush your pet’s fur regularly using the appropriate dog grooming brush and don’t wait until the fur becomes knotty and tangled.

Dog combing

How do you remove dog hair tangles without cutting them out?

It is best if you use a suitable depilatory dog grooming brush. Choose an area and comb only that part until it is completely tangle-free. Hold the skin taut with one hand while working with the comb with the other. If you keep the skin taut, there is much less chance of causing injury or pain to your dog. If it’s your first time, try starting on his back.

In addition to the slicker brush for dogs, you may also want to use a straight comb and work alternately on the given area. This is how you can fine-tune the brush’s powerful hair-removing effect a little. Comb the area alternately with the detangling brush and the comb, so after a while you will find a balance in using the tools. In the area combed with a smooth dog grooming comb, you can easily find the tangle, which you can then take apart with the felt breaker in seconds.

Untangling hair knots and hair removal should always be done before bathing. The reason for this is that if you want to bathe tangled hair, you will need much more shampoo and it will be more difficult. From now on, the shampoo will easily form additional knots in the tangles.

In the case of smooth, straight-haired or short-haired dogs, we usually have an easier time. 

How to comb the dog

It is enough for them to use a suitable short hair dog brush. On the other hand, for all dogs with medium or long hair, regular hair removal and combing is important. Now you might think that it’s fine, the dog groomer will do this, but it’s still important that you also have the right tools and routine. After all, a situation may arise when you cannot immediately check in with the dog groomer and you have to solve the problem yourself. But don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it with a little practice!

Can the formation of knots in the dog’s fur be prevented?

The formation of hair knots is a natural process and unfortunately unavoidable. However, with regular combing, you can keep the process under control and reduce shedding to a minimum.

Grooming the dog step by step:

  • Prepare the right environment for grooming your dog: rake comb for dogs. Choose a time when you are sufficiently relaxed and ready to comb. It is important that you stay calm while you are working on the fur with the grooming tools.
  • Place the dog in a place where you can easily reach all parts of it and it will not be difficult to walk around
  • First, look over the fur and look for problem areas where there are more knots.
  • If you find that there are very large nodules, don’t panic! Go step by step. Find a specific knot and try to find the point where the tangle starts. Hold the tangle with one hand and the comb with the other. Working from the outside to the inside, break apart the knot of hair. Use the less dense side of the tool for this step. When you are ready, continue with the next one. Take them all apart one by one.
  • Once you have removed all the tangles, you can brush the dog’s entire body. Use the denser side of the tool for this step. In this case, comb in the direction of hair growth.
  • As soon as the head of the comb is full, remove the hair from the teeth and continue.
  • Never press the dog grooming comb too hard on the skin and, if possible, do it so that the teeth do not come into contact with the skin.

If your dog doesn’t have the patience, then break the task into 10-15 minute units per day. Finish with a smaller area each time. That way, he will have time to get used to the process and you can also move on his body.

Is it worth using a conditioner while combing?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to use some kind of conditioner on the hair while combing. This gives moisture to the hairs and makes it easier to work with. It is important not to soak the hair, just apply a little moisture. The goal is to make the comb run more easily.

How often should you brush your dog?

All dog breeds have different grooming needs. If your dog lives a very active life and plays a lot outside, there is a chance that his fur will encounter a lot of things. This increases the risk of clumping and different things getting stuck in it. In this case, you need to comb more frequently, every few days. For other dogs, combing every week or two is enough.

Flea control at home

As a dog owner, sooner or later everyone encounters the flea problem. That’s why it’s good to have at home: dog bath brush, dog undercoat brush and flea dog comb. These grooming tools are indispensable in the fight against fleas.

How to use a flea comb dog?

If you have a dog, cat or other pets, you should therefore get at least a flea comb. This is a special comb with dense teeth, with the help of which you can easily remove fleas and their eggs from your pet’s fur. Flea combs are usually equipped with metal teeth, but there are also versions that are made entirely of plastic. Even the latter are extremely durable and long-lasting products, so if you buy one, it will perform its function for a long time.

Before using the flea comb, it is worth combing your pet’s fur thoroughly with a traditional comb or brush, so that the dense-toothed flea comb will not get stuck in it during use. The flea comb for dogs is completely safe to use. Thanks to the special design of the comb teeth, you don’t have to worry about damaging your pet’s skin. Thanks to the wide range, you can choose a plastic version with a simpler construction, or even a design model with a non-slip grip and equipped with stainless steel teeth.

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