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Rozi and me, about me

My name is Petra Foki, and I am a certified canine massage therapist, dedicated to providing dogs with moments of happiness through relaxing massages.

My aim is to prevent and/or alleviate the pain of old age diseases by employing various dental techniques and exercises. Ensuring dogs’ physical and mental fitness is vital, and a good massage easily achieves this. A contented and playful dog is the result of my expertise, as I am skilled in enhancing daily walks, improving attention spans, muscle strength, and discipline through dog fitness – another aspect of my profession that I thoroughly enjoy.

My aim is to bring joyous moments into each dog’s life through pleasant and soothing massages. Furthermore, I seek to prevent age-related health issues and alleviate pain caused by medical conditions by employing diverse canine massage therapy techniques. Your dog’s physical and mental well-being are equally important as they are to you, and achieving overall mind and body wellness can be effortlessly accomplished with regular dog massage therapy. A cheerful dog should be lively and playful, and pet massage therapy is the key to achieving this. If you wish to supplement daily walks with alternative exercises, not only benefiting your furry companion’s muscles but also enhancing their focus and instilling effective discipline, consider canine fitness. Alongside massaging dogs, this is the second aspect of my profession that brings me the most joy.

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Dog massage therapist = my dream job

Being a dog massage therapist is my ultimate dream job! To me, it’s not just a profession, but a true calling. I have dedicated my life to enhancing the quality of dogs’ lives, and I have mastered every manual technique tailored to their unique anatomy to promote their well-being.

Nothing else could ever compare, as my furry friends hold a special place in my heart, and working with them brings me unparalleled joy. From the very moment I witnessed the happiness of my first canine client, I knew I had found my true path.

I strongly believe in the importance of keeping dogs in their familiar everyday environment, which is why I offer in-home massages. While I can perform dog massage therapy anywhere it’s requested, I know that the comfort of home and familiar surroundings is crucial in helping your dog achieve complete relaxation. By eliminating distractions, we can fully focus on unwinding and facilitating healing during each session.

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Rólam Rozika kutya

Since I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by and utterly obsessed with dogs. They have played an immense role in my life, and the memories of my furry best friends will forever reside in my heart. Betti, my beloved German Shepherd, and I shared the same birth time and grew up together. She was the love of my life. However, as she aged, she encountered some common health issues for her breed, such as canine hip dysplasia and arthritis. Witnessing her struggle with difficulty in moving her hind legs and experiencing excruciating pain was heart-wrenching. Regrettably, at that time, dog rehabilitation was not as widely known or practiced as it is today. Now I understand that her conditions could have been prevented or at least alleviated with dog massage for hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Since that moment, my life has revolved entirely around dogs, and I have been fortunate enough to transform my passion into my career. My journey started with volunteering at numerous dog shelters, where I extended help to lost, abandoned, and injured dogs. My determination to make a difference grew stronger, leading me to pursue my canine massage therapy certification in 2019, followed by a flexion movement course shortly after. These studies opened doors to various workshops that allowed me to enhance my knowledge and gain valuable experience.

In 2021, I decided to broaden my horizons even further by adding ” cold laser therapy ” and “reiki” to my practice. Learning these therapeutic techniques brought me immense joy and pride. Being able to offer these treatments has not only enriched my professional skills but also deepened my bond with the dogs I care for. I am committed to continuing my education and exploring new ways to improve the lives of these incredible animals who have touched my heart so profoundly.

I named my practice after my dearest furry companion, who, in 2013, mysteriously jumped into my car through an open door and captured my heart instantly. His name is Toto!

Witnessing the astounding outcomes that dog massage treatments bring about and feeling the heartfelt gratitude in the eyes of these dogs only fuels my enthusiasm further! The extraordinary bond and affection shared between a dog and their caretaker knows no limits. It brings me immense joy to be a part of this love and happiness, and it allows me to connect with wonderful individuals and their beloved pets through my work.


About me, with Toto
Dog Physiotherapy

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"Spot is 9 years old, and although he is not currently showing any significant mobility difficulties or pain, I know that old age joint disease can slowly set in, so Petra visits us a few times a month to keep him exercised. Spot really enjoys it and after the sessions he visibly has more energy. I want to keep him in good health as long as possible, so we will definitely continue his treatment. She and Spot seem to love each other." laughing

"My Meck doggy had knee surgery years ago. He recovered nicely, but the doctors told me that the problem could return at any time, so I had to be very careful and watchful. Try to maintain this condition with regular exercise. I found Petra, who massages him regularly and works on him with different gymnastic exercises to strengthen his muscles - maintain his stamina, so he's in amazing shape Meck as a youngster. I would recommend her to all dog owners, she is skilful and understands the language of dogs!"

"I had realized that my dog is limbing so I took her to the vet who said start of arthritis and her joints were tight. ...then I started surfing the net and regular massage was recommended everywhere. Then I heard about Petra, so I went to see her. My loved one really enjoys her treatments, she starts with a kiss and she loves every session. She is in great shape now ...."

"Me and Pepper always look forward to meeting Petra. Pepper is a perfectly healthy, perfectly fit large poodle dog who needs lots of exercise. Even though he walks several times a day, he never runs out of energy, so Petra visits us 1x a week with her balance equipment to strengthen his skills during an intense workout. She always looks forward to the next session."

"I have heard a lot of good things about Petra from people I know, so I decided to give it a try. Because of my job, Luna is at home a lot, she doesn't get much high intensity exercise and is a bit overweight. The doctor says that with this lifestyle, she is likely to develop joint pains prematurely. She and Petra are doing a variety of treatments, which she does with great enthusiasm, always giving her a big kiss when she sees her... I'm glad that my partner and I found her, Luna's condition has obviously changed a lot."

"Petra is an excellent dog masseuse and has a super sense of finding a voice with dogs. I am very grateful to her for helping my dog. She had a severe knee sprain that had to be medically reset. She was in severe pain for a while holding her leg up, she could not put it down. She's walking on it now, use that blade. I'm sure I'll be inviting Petra for birthday massages after the treatment is over:) I sincerely recommend her to everyone."


How to spot when you need a dog musher!

  • For her birthday 😊
  • Before and after high-intensity sports
  • Before and after longer and more stressful trips
  • The first thing that may be immediately apparent when you notice any kind of musculoskeletal abnormality in your dog. In this case, please consult a vet before anything else, as there may be compensation in their movement due to internal organ disorders!
  • Post-operatively or instead of surgery prescribed by a doctor: rehabilitation, exercise, treatment

If you notice any signs of musculoskeletal issues or need assistance with your dog's recovery, don't hesitate to seek the expertise of a dog musher! They can provide valuable care and support to ensure your dog's well-being.

    Call me when the dog's behaviour is out of the ordinary:

    Here are some specific signs and conditions to look out for:

    1. Mood swings and discouragement
    2. Slow metabolism
    3. Joint pain in old age or to prevent it
    4. Other pains
    5. Muscle atrophy and stiffness
    6. Limping, nodding, posterior droop, stiff neck posture
    7. Difficulty standing up, going up and down stairs, or jumping on and off sofas
    8. To accelerate the healing of scars, wounds, and stitches
    9. Bone fractures
    10. Injuries or strains to ligaments
    11. Gingivitis
    12. Hematoma
    13. Insomnia

    If you notice anything else that seems abnormal or concerning with your dog's behavior or health, please let me know, and I will be in touch to discuss further and provide assistance.

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