Playing fetch is not only fun for dogs, but also has physical and mental benefits. Canine love balls, so it’s worth teaching them to bring them back. As soon as they master this trick, they will happily run after the thrown ball! In this article I have collected: how to teach a dog!

Easy tricks to teach your dog

There are a few basic tricks that owners love to teach their pets. Although basic dog training rarely talks about how to teach your dog to give paw or how to teach your dog to bring the ball back, you can easily learn these without a dog trainer.

Get the balls first and reward snacks for teaching. There are many types of balls available, but buying healthy tennis balls is a great way to get started. Always have more balls with you during the lesson so they don’t interfere with the game. The balls should be identical if possible so that your dog gets used to the game quickly. During dog fitness treatments, we similarly teach dogs the exercises.

However, only show him one ball at a time. When you try for the first time, show him the ball. Be enthusiastic so that the feeling is transferred to him. Throw the ball to a clearly visible distance, more precisely a few meters, and encourage him to bring it back. 

The dog may not understand the Bring it back command the first time. In that case, teach him this. If he likes the ball, he happily runs after it, and you wait until he reaches it and start repeating the command to him, bending down to be level with him. If he still doesn’t want to go towards you, take out the other ball, show it to him and offer to exchange it. This usually prompts him to take it back. Use your other hand to take the ball away from him while he examines the new ball. Make sure the dog doesn’t take it from you, but you throw the other ball. Practice with it a lot, and as your dog becomes more skilled, increase the distance, i.e. throw the ball farther and farther. 

A swedish dog massage can also be an excellent reward after training. If your dog is nicely tired out from the workout, they will surely appreciate the massage treatment as well.

Dog to fetch

How to teach your dog if it is difficult for him to understand the play task

Some dogs have a harder time understanding what we want from them. In such cases, it is best to pay even more attention to the details of the teaching. Make sure that you take the other ball out only if he does not want to bring the first one back. When you call him to bring the ball back, consistently use the Bring it back command and don’t call him by his name, because then he might come back just for that, and leave the ball where he found it and not bring it back. Be enthusiastic throughout the game so that he can feel it on you.

When you get the other ball, play with it so he can see how much fun it is, throw it to yourself, then offer it to him. Trust me, he’ll soon be interested in the ball you have and throw his own. If he doesn’t bring it back, pick up the ball and stop the game, for example asking him to sit down.

Watch his behavior! While the dog is sitting, put the ball you picked up in your pocket and throw the ball you have in your hand to him again. Now ask him to bring it back again. And give him a reward bite only if he has skillfully brought it back.

I hope I was able to give some useful advice and easy tricks how to teach your dog! I also hope that this independent play fetch dog training will bring you both a lot of joy and fun! Go step by step and practice a lot!

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